Goodwin's Giving Him The Glory

Normal-Eyed Non-Carrier for CEA & PRA

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Glasgowhill's Goodwin Replay

CH Blu Water's Wrath Of Khan

CH Special Best Dresed List CH Special Sharp-Dressed Man
Special Gracie's For Me
Huntington Everheart Whisperingwind Good Vibrations
Westwood Huntington Splendor

CH Glasgowhill's Tender Moment

CH Glasgowhill Looking Glass CH Glasgowhill Winning Ticket
Glasgowhill Dreams Come True
Glasgowhill's Got To Shine CH Glasgowhills Euphoria
Glasgowhill's Mocha Latte


Goodwin's Tru-Vu Hallelujah

Goodwin's Special Tru-Vu Sno Bear CH Special Velvet Teddy Bear CH Special Holy Cow
Mountainside White As Sno RN THDA
Special Mountainside Sno Angel CH Special Sharp-Dressed Man
Mountainside White As Sno RN THDA
Goodwin's Show Girl Goodwin's Tru Vu Rock Star Mountain Mystique's Goldmine
Alchemy's Gift To Love
Blackford's Summer Breeze