Shipping Information

Classic Kennels prefers that buyers come in person to pick up their new dog or puppy, even if that entails taking vacation days to travel to Missouri to do so. However, we are realistic enough to understand that this is not always an option for some buyers. With that in mind, we looked up Pet Transportation on Google and came up with a list that might be of interest to certain buyers.

Transporting a pet is a huge responsibility and can entail certain risks. The companies listed below are on this website as a convenience to our puppy buyers, and are not to be regarded as a recommendation from us. Classic Kennels urges anyone wishing to transport their puppy or dog to investigate each of these companies thoroughly before deciding to contract with one of them. Just like shipping a puppy air cargo through a major airline, all transport of live animals comes with certain risks. Be diligent in doing your research! Insurance on your new pet is strongly recommended.

Remember, when you select another party to transport your new puppy or dog, you will be entering into a contractual agreement with that party. Classic Kennels will not be a participant in that contract so any and all questions, disputes or other forms of communication must be directed to the company you have contracted with.

Get-M-Home -
Ground Courier Service

Ozark Mountain Pet Transport -
Office: 417-293-9839; Cell: 417-293-9239
Air transport only, no ground courier. E-mail or call for information. Ship Thursday evenings and Fridays.