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Classic Kennels was founded in May 1977 by Roy and Joni Ramsey and is now a 3-generational Hobby/Show Kennel working together for the better of the breeds each one loves and cherishes...


The following are testimonials from past clients, many who have multiple Classic dogs from us throughout our 46 year history...

Connie C. - I would like to say what a professional breeder CLASSIC KENNELS are. They maid the process of getting me a healthy, happy puppy. She had all records, vaccine (up to date if adoption) .They were and still are available if I have any concerns about training, etc. The checked on "baby Jolie".she was had the pure blood lines, titles, etc. For me. If you are looking for a GREAT BREEDER. Please consider CLASSIC KENNELS. You will not be disappointed. I took my puppy to my personal veterinarian within the first week of ownership. She checked PERFECT. Thank you Holly and CLASSIC KENNELS.

Cathy O. - I have purchased 7 dogs from Classic Kennels over the course of 40 years. I couldn't be more pleased with the dogs that have been my companions. I received beautiful, happy, healthy, intelligent puppies, with complete shot records and a health guarantee, which more recently has included genetic testing. They have always been available to give me the benefit of their knowledge and experience if I have any questions or issues.

They have earned my everlasting respect and trust for the superior care they take of every animal in their charge. The quality of their stock has held true for the forty years I have known them. Their reputation for integrity is unquestioned. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else for a puppy.

Scott Z. - My wife purchased her first puppy through Classic Kennels nearly 16 years ago and we purchased Gwen last year. They know what they are doing and were professional every step of the way. Gwen has had no issues (other than seasonal allergies LOL) and is highly intelligent and playful. Great with kids, and came with all her shots and papers. These people get attached to these puppies and treat them like family, every step of the way, straight into your arms. I would recommend them to anyone seeking the very best of the best.

Laura B. - My experience with Holly and her entire family has been nothing but positive. Her family has been involved in showing many different breeds for several decades. There is almost nothing they don't know about showing and breeding. I always turn to her with any question I may have and she has been most gracious about taking the time to answer all of my questions even if they are stupid ones. This is a woman who is a true Christian and practice is what she preaches always. I am so fortunate to have met her and have her in my life. I would send anyone to get a puppy from her before I would ever recommend anyone else. She cares so very much about her four-legged babies and raises them with love, socialization, and making sure they are healthy. In 40 years I don't think classic kennels has ever had an issue with dogs with poor health. Even if they did I know they would be first to offer help and rectify the situation immediately because the dogs are what matters first to them.

Deborah C. - Classic Kennels ARE Exactly that! Classic! I have purchased several collies from them over the years and each has been exceptional! My last one has been the best yet with intelligence, looks, healthy and meeting/exceeding the breeds standards. What I LOVE most about Classic Kennels, is that once you receive one of their babies, you become part of their family as well. They have checked how Cody is doing and help guide me whenever I have questions or concerns. I always dread that time when I have to start thinking about another 4 legged furball capturing my heart due to a loss, but when I do, I ALWAYS turn to Classic Kennels first! I have visited their home many times and was only allowed to actually hold my babies after a certain age to prevent the possibility of spreading any illness or diseases to the young pups. . . meanwhile I was sent weekly photo's on how they were growing and turning into the awesome dogs that they are today. Thank You Classic Kennels!

Michelle A. - Classic Kennels made the process of getting my baby boy so seamless. They are always available to answer any questions I have and they love when I share photos and videos with them. I took my puppy to my own vet within the timeframe of the contract and he checked out perfectly. Within the 1st week of being home, he was pottying outside (or on his pee pad) and is a very smart little boy. I recommend Classic Kennels to anyone looking for a healthy, happy, and beautiful puppy. I am so lucky to have a puppy from Classic Kennels and will be back for another one!

Jonella W. - I purchased a puppy from Classic Kennels 3 years ago and I was so happy with him that I came back to Classic Kennels to get my baby boy a little sister. It was so easy to work with them, they were willing to answer any question I had and go through the puppy supply list with me to ensure I was ready for both puppies' homecomings. Both of my puppies were healthy, freshly bathed, and very outgoing. They both come from champion lines and are definitely quality. When I am ready for a 3rd baby, I will be getting him or her from Classic Kennels!

Gage G. - I purchased my puppy from Classic Kennels and could not be happier with the decision. From first contact they were very willing to answer all of my questions. When I brought my baby boy home I had even more questions and they were always willing to take the time to chat whether through email or on the phone. My puppy was well-socialized, healthy, happy, and just an absolute joy to have in my home. I have purchased from other breeders and I have to say Classic Kennels has been the best one by far. When I am ready to bring home another puppy, I will definitely be getting him from Classic Kennels.

Gregory S. - Cooper (Gage) has been the best pup ever! He will be 15 this November and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to be by my side!! You guys are amazing and I couldn’t be happier!!

Linda S. - I purchased my 2nd Corgi baby from Classic Kennels and he is absolutely perfect! I found them to be very caring, willing to help me pick the right puppy for my family, and answer all my questions. I can email or call and someone is always willing to take the time to chat...I feel like I am a part of their extended family and that is simply wonderful!!

Barry and Loretta D. - We were lucky enough to purchase 2 Corgi baby girls from Classic Kennels. Both girls came to us healthy, happy, and full of life! They have brought nothing but happiness to our home and we are so thankful that we found Classic Kennels.

Janelle W. - I wanted to send you an update on Duncan and Koko. I got Duncan from you in 2019 and Koko was in 2022 (I think). They are doing great. Both healthy and happy.

Maddy M. - I got my first corgi puppy from here and she's perfect. My puppy is very happy and healthy. They treat their dogs well and are upfront about their puppies genetic tests. Also respond very fast and are very kind and informative. I would not go anywhere else to get my next puppy.