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Classic Kennels was founded in May 1977 by Roy and Joni Ramsey and is now a 3-generational Hobby/Show Kennel working together for the better of the breeds each one loves and cherishes...

Classic Kennels have been very active in the world of dog competitions. We encourage our extended dog family (our clients and their children) to participate in canine-geared events. Many of our dogs and their new families have competed in Obedience, Herding, Rally, Agility, Conformation, as well as protection training and therapy work. Our dogs are not just bred for quality, but for brains as well.

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Japanese Chin

Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Shih Tzu

**Bella is ranked the #1 Junior Handler for ICKC (2022)
**Bella also has been invited to the Year-End Invitational for VDS (2022)