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Classic Kennels was founded in May 1977 by Roy and Joni Ramsey and is now a 3-generational Hobby/Show Kennel working together for the better of the breeds each one loves and cherishes...

Japanese Chin Available

Puppies are born and raised in our home. They are well socialized with other pets, children and adults. They have tons of personality and would make an excellent addition to your family. Due to Missouri State Law, all puppies and adults placed will have a 6.35% sales tax added to the purchase price.

Many people purchase our show/breeding prospects and never show or breed. We do not place anyone under contract that states you must show or breed. Once you have purchased the puppy from us, it is our hope that you would entertain the idea of showing, but it is not required. If you purchase a puppy that is strictly a family companion, sterilization is required and the puppy can never be shown in conformation shows or be bred.

**PLEASE NOTE: We will not travel to the airport to meet pet nannies or new owners. We will meet in an outdoor public park or other such location for you to meet/pick-up your new puppy. We will also work with pet nannies willing to meet away from the airport to pick up a puppy for transport. We WILL NOT allow ground transport for any puppy or adult.

Black and White Male

DOB: 01/19/2022

Kenji is pee pad trained, crate trained, leash trained, and is pretty consistent on going potty outdoors (unless the weather is nasty). He is a very smart, outgoing, and loving baby boy. Kenji is also a curious boy who loves to play with other dogs...he also loves his treats!! He is currently around 10 pounds.

Kenji does have a small umbilical hernia that your vet may decide to repair.

Kenji has competed in virtual dog shows and earned his Honorary Virtual Championship (baby puppy) and his Honorary Virtual Grand Championship (baby puppy).

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Please email or call 636-797-3206 for availability.
(This is a landline...NO TEXTING)


Please Note:

Due to the new USDA/APHIS regulations, we can no longer ship our pet puppies/dogs to their new owners without becoming a victim of what we believe to be unfair and unnecessary federal infringement of our dog hobby.

As of September 10, 2013, we have implemented a strict policy of No Internet Sales. We accept a non-refundable deposit from qualified buyers who desire to purchase one of our puppies/adult dogs, which will hold a specific puppy for a limited period of time so that FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL shall be given to you. We will not finalize any sale until you come and examine the puppy in person and you will be given a period of 7 days following the date puppy is deemed by us ready to transfer homes to do so. (If you fail to do so, your deposit will be forfeit.) You will be asked at that point to either commit to or decline the purchase of the puppy on hold. If you choose to finalize the purchase, your deposit shall be applied towards the purchase price of the puppy. However, if you decide to decline the puppy, your non-refundable deposit will be applied toward the expenses of caring for the puppy during the time it was held for you and for any additional time it takes to find an alternative responsible home for it. Deposits are non-transferable as many times we will have multiple families wanting a particular puppy and when we turn them away due to your deposit holding the puppy for you, we have just forfeited a sale on your behalf.

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