The Shih Tzu Boys

National Puppy Champion, International Puppy Champion, International Adult Champion
Serenade's The Spirit Within

"Spirit" is a gold and white

Sire: Champion Serenade's Western Charm
Dam: Serenade's Perfect Harmony

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Spirit was purchased from Serenade Shih Tzus

Spirit at 6 months of age earning his International and National junior puppy championships.

Spirit at 12 months of age earning his adult International championship.

Spirit at 14 months old

Spirit at 16 months old

National Puppy Champion, International Puppy Champion
Classic's Bronze Benediction

"Levi" is a brindle with black markings

Levi also earned IABCA Best In Show Puppy under Gloria Kerr (AKC) and Dean Dickey (AKC) (Pictured)
Levi earned a second Best In Show Puppy the same weekend under Cledith Wakefield (AKC)
and David Loring Brown (AKC)
Levi won several Toy Group placements: Group 1 under Gloria Kerr (AKC), Group 1 under Cledith Wakefield (AKC),
Group 2 under David Loring Brown (AKC) and Group 3 & Group 2 under Juliann Bitter (AKC), Group 3 under Charles Bett (Canadian), Group 2 under Herman "Butch Stiefferman